Kisaan Helpline is founded by a team of avid entrepreneurs in the year 2014. KisaanHelpline is India’s largest Agri Inputs Marketplace Platform providing wide choice of quality inputs to farmers at their doorstep. Kisaan Helpline is bringing accessibility of quality agricultural products and personalized advisory by leveraging its Technology offering for farmer empowerment.

Kisaan Helpline has adapted multichannel strategy to reach out growers across India and addressing their Agricultural Input needs. Our portfolio offering includes broad range of Seeds, Plant Protection, Plant Nutrition and Agri Implements. Our clientele includes farmers, nurseries, NGOs and other institutional growers.

Kisaan Helpline has partnered with leading Indian and Multi-National Agricultural Input brands comprising of Dolls Export, Green Crop Science, Shine Agro, Tata Rallis, UPL Advanta, Known-You, Tata Agrico etc.

Kisaan Helpline Technology Platform is driving efficiencies of Agri Inputs manufacturers in the areas of distribution, marketing and operations with data-driven business intelligence. Our data strategy enables various stakeholders of Agri value chain to come together and build end to end ecosystem for farming community and driving sustainable agriculture.

Registered Company Name: AMPLE E BUSINESS

Product: Kisaan SHOP

Address: A-5 Vebhav Nagar, Kanadhiya Road, Indore, 452016

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